SDP is working to support the stretched health system in Western Province.

  • Our Aerial Health Patrols fly medical teams into remote communities where they deliver primary health care (vaccinations, WASH programs, family planning, outpatient clinics) and they stay on the ground for 3 or 4 days and make repeat visits every 6 weeks.
  • We are supporting the Balimo Hospital and working towards launching River Health Patrols.
  • We fund organisations such as Marie Stopes (family planning); World Vision (WASH); and RAM (malaria management) to deliver their services in Western Province.
  • We have invested in infrastructure to provide clean water (filtration systems for Daru bores and a pipeline from the Kiunga water treatment plant to Sare village in Ward 5).
  • We are also investing in improved connectivity for health centres (satellite dish & solar power).


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